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Common Lock Functions





Function Translation
F75 F01 Passage Doors that don't require locking.
F76 F02
Privacy Latchbolt by knob or lever on either side. Projected deadbolt locks outside trim. Anti-panic operation. Emergency key outside.
F86 F07 Storeroom closet lock outside knob or lever always fixed. Key required for entry. Inside always free.
F82 F04 Entrance/Office lock For office where lock is required. operated by key outside, button on face of lock w/ passage function.
F84 F05 Classroom Lock Classroom/Office or Utility Room. Key locks/unlocks outer knob or lever. Inside always free.
E2161 F18 Deadlock Deadbolt by key outside only.
E2141 F16 Deadlock Deadbolt by key both sides.
E2151 F17 Deadlock Deadlock by key outside, thumbturn inside.
F88 F09 Apartment Exit Office & Apartment Buildings, Lavatory Doors. outer knob or lever set by inside key. Outside key operates latchbolt.
F93 F15 Hotel / Motel Deadlocking latchbolt. outside. knob or lever always rigid. Anti-Panic operation Inside * knob or lever operates deadbolt and latchbolt. Deadbolt by inside thumbturn, indicator on keyed side.
F90 F13 Dormitory Deadlocking latchbolt operated by either knob or lever. Thumbturn inside throws deadbolt and automatically locks outside knob or lever. Anti-panic operation.
F87   Utility, Asylum, Institutional Latchbolt operated by key either side only. Both knobs or levers rigid at all times.
F88 F09 Entrance/Apartment Deadbolt by key outside, thumbturn inside with passage function and anti-panic deadbolt operation. Deadlocking latchbolt.
F81 F08 Entrance/Storeroom Latchbolt by knob or lever both sides. Deadbolt by key outside, thumbturn inside.
F82 F21 Entrance Storeroom Latchbolt by either knob or lever. Deadbolt by key either side.
  F20 Entrance/Apartment Latchbolt by knob or lever. except when stop-work activator set. Deadbolt by key. Thumbturn inside. Anti-Panic deadbolt operation.